Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Setheryll - dragon form

Character notes:

- Those fish move around, they do not have to be attached to his mane, though that's where they usually hang out.
- The fish may also change colours.
- Setheryll swims by scattering into a large school of fish- he cannot breathe underwater, unless he's doing the fish thing.
- As always, his length and proportions are not important to me- whatever feels comfortable is fine.
-He's a dragon based on fish and old man. Fins and whatnot are all over the place.
-There are six horns in total- five of which you can see in the picture. Two curled, two straight ones facing up, two straight ones facing down.
-In polluted areas, dragon-Seth will automatically absorb toxins. If he remains in the area too long, he'll start oozing black sludge from his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and scales. It makes him sick to his stomach- and when he reverts to human form, he'll have gastrointestinal issues for a week. It's messy.

Setheryll grew up as a kind of devoted child servant to a very influential family. For most of his childhood, Seth served the dragon boy Elixares, who was roughly the same age. Both boys strove to find their dragon forms together, Elixares helping Seth achieve his.

In a desperate choice, Seth chose to save his own skin over Elix's when the two were in very grave danger. While Elix's family did not persecute Seth over his choice, they had little to do with him afterwards- Seth's family scraped together what they had and sent Seth to Altamira, the university-state island, where he studied classic literature among other pursuits. Seth never really left school in the end, and was offered the post of a professor in classic mythology. He took the post, and strangely enough, began maximizing his vacation and field study hours. In his travels he began to understand the incomplete nature of the world, and became involved with a plan to immunize its inhabitants against a deadly threat- which succeeded and failed simultaneously.

Seth keeps everything in his poisonous mind to himself, never sharing or letting go a secret. He smiles easily enough, and enjoys the company of his students who consider him somewhat of an oddball. Life is comfortable, for now.

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