Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pillsbury with fertilizer

I love coloured lead. ;___; I'm kind of sad the ones I bought break so easily though. Three strokes, and chances are I've already broken the tip. DD: Doodles done in lecture. Finch+Linds at the top in red. TAT Faen is in the middle right.

Erica, for Hellsion! // Markers, opaque white ink, regular ink.

DA x-post.

The little round oblong guy that is in all of these was inspired by a statue I saw on DA. I felt like playing with my india ink and nib pen for a while.

Watercolour, marker, pencilcrayon, india ink.

India ink.

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Sevie Bonyun said...

You are getting so much better at faces, like holy crap.