Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lineart for a kiriban. So I finally learned how to make crisp lineart in Photoshop- increase resolution to 4000-5000 px. ALL THIS TIME I couldn't figure out why my lines in Photoshop looked blurry. Too bad my computer can't handle files of that size. Though for stand alone images with no concrete deadline, I'll risk it.

A small clip from my SS. I've been trying to learn how to CG in a slightly more mainstream method. It's fun to try new techniques (well, new for me).


Lately I've mostly been colouring comics, though I've found a little time to do lineart. I really want to feed my Tales of Vesperia addiction. My sweet game has been sadly neglected these past couple months.

Working on a 5927 lineart. I'm going to finish this asdfkjdjf;____;.


Sevie Bonyun said...

lskghualskjfghaslkjfhlsfdkjahldkfsjh 5927. <3333333333

we need to do an art trade ASAP. B:< You're stuff just gets better and better all the time.

AND DON"T LET MAINSTREAM SUCK YOU IN. I love your original colouring style.. ;3; (though you're right.. it's good to try shit out once and a while)

Lucinda said...

THE PULL OF MAINSTREAM IS DIFFICULT TO RESIST SOMETIMES. IT'S EVERYWHERE. D: I guess I get tired of CGing the same way all the time, and mainstream CG is definitely no exception. My next goal is that sweet enviromental digital painting I simply adore.

And I would love to do an art trade with you~~! ;___; Though my art totally isn't worthy at all. I'll send you a note some time on DA!