Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reference for Leilani.
Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Personality: Introverted, patient, easily worried, practical, obedient, quiet.
Background: Everyone knows her as Quinn's sister. She's the untalkative underachiever that finds pleasure in simple things like wiping tables until they shine or descaling a fish properly. She has no remarkable goals or ambitions. Even Leilani's surprised by the sound of her own voice from time to time. Currently she works at her family's small grocery store minding the till, stocking shelves, and cleaning food. Normally customer service goes to Quinn. Leilani got caught up in the unpleasant business of travelling the world when Setheryll asked for her help in finding her little sister. She soon finds one backpack and a change of clothes is actually not enough when crossing the ocean, but it's far too late to think about things like that now.

Notes: Lei actually doesn't own travel clothes, so she put on everything wearable in hopes of keeping warm and dry along the way. She does have a nice coat and scarf she recieved for her 19th birthday- because everyone ought to have something nice. So of course, everything looks like a mishmash of last night's dinner.

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